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Membership is not required at this time to read most sections of this Forum/Message Board
As a member you get more features and control over your post such as:

A. changing your post after you have posted it
B. full access to all Forum Subjects
C. instant message other members while on-line
D. send other members messages
E. start your own Poll
F. and much more

Thanks to all that join this Forum.

I have had massive problems with my Forums/Message Boards in the past. They were spammed and overrun by computer generated members that were impossible to search thru to get the real members. I had over 1,000 pending members on one of my message boards in just 2 weeks. It took me hours every day to try to find and approve the members from this area in Southeast Louisiana.

I now have a paid for and secure Forum/Message Board. It has spam control and rejects computer generated members.

My pledge to you:

This Forum/Message Board will stay up on-line from now on.

Messages will stay up and on-line from registered members.

Top posting members can become Moderators and have their Forum to run.

Top posting members will be rewarded from time to time by me with gift certificates to restaurants.

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