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Has anything got started concerning this loop around Baton Rouge?

I feel that this loop should have already been built many years ago. I don't even think they have gotten any right of ways for the roadway. This is just another case of putting the cart before the horse. The area has built up and developed and the roadway should have already been put in place.

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The1st part of the loop will start just east of Walker by the dump and go north and then west just south of Watson. It is suppose to go just north of Audubon subdivision and some of the people there are complaining already. It's funny because by the time it is built most of the people complaining will be dead from old age.
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I hear that some land owners in Walker have been notified of the loop. There is a new type of commercial development going in on the east side of Walker on the south side of Hwy 190. The loop is suppose to go through there according to one of the land owners. No time frame given.

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